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Island Tour: Scuba Diving in Tahiti (Society Islands)


Scuba Diving Vacation in TahitiTahiti is an excellent place for beginners to learn to dive. However, where you stay dictates where you will dive. If you stay around Papeete or the airport, you will have the chance to do some wreck diving in shallow waters. If you opt for the more savage side of Tahiti Iti, you will see beautiful coral gardens and get to do some wonderful wall diving.

In fact, this is the only place in French Polynesia where you can dive along sheer underwater walls rich with gorgonian coral even at shallow depths. In Tahiti, you will see black tip sharks, giant wrasses, morey eels, turtles and dolphins. July-October is the season for humpback whales.


Tahiti is a lush volcanic island with huge mountain peaks. It is the largest and most famous of all the islands and is shaped like a lopsided figure eight. The two distinct areas are called Tahiti Nui (large) and Tahiti Iti (small). In Tahiti Nui you will find the bustling waterfront city of Papeete - Tahiti's capital.

Tahiti BoatsUnfortunately, most people do not travel to the South Pacific to find themselves in the middle of a busy city. It is for this reason many tourists inevitably tell me they were disappointed with Tahiti. They'll say it was fine for a layover but they wouldn't want to spend any length of time there. The problem is most tourists never have the opportunity to see anything beyond the huge hotels and the traffic of Papeete. The fact is, the longer I live here the more I appreciate Tahiti as there are so many wonderful places to discover particularly deep within the mountainous heart of the island.

My favorite part of Tahiti is the lesser-known Tahiti Iti. About an hour's drive from Papeete, It is far away from the madness of downtown. Here you will find beautiful black sand beaches and a tranquil more primitive environment.

Helicopter over Tahiti If you're able to remove yourself from the water long enough to enjoy some other activities. I strongly recommend a hike, horseback ride or 4-wheel drive within the inner valley. The mountains of Tahiti are truly awe -inspiring with their jagged peaks and gushing waterfalls. If you've got a strong stomach, a helicopter tour of the island would be amazing.

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